\De-an-uh-mey-shun n\

  • The act of inhibiting the movement of a person or thing on a permanent basis.
  • To destroy a life when there is no other choice in order to preserve another life.

Though it is an uncomfortable subject, the reality is that at times, Self-Defense is not enough.  At these extreme moments, it may be necessary to extinguish a life or break the body of an aggressor in a violent situation.  As Colonel Applegate would say, “Kill or Get Killed!”

The techniques presented herein by Mr. Patrick are for informational purposes only and are based upon combative techniques of early soldiers utilized on the battlefield.  The movements are extremely effective!

We do not condone the application of these movements in anything other than the most extreme circumstances and only then to save a life.  Use at your own risk!

Not appropriate for all viewers!

Viewer discretion is advised!

Runtime approximately 55 minutes.


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