Case head failure or malfunction

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A rather interesting malfunction occurred at the range today, that I had never experienced before. It was a case head failure or case head malfunction, where the cartridge actually separates at the rim of the cartridge during discharge. I felt the powder hit my face when I fired and smoke started pouring out of every potential crack and crevice from the magazine to the trigger to the slide. you can see it happen on the last shot of this drill we were running. This drill involved cutting the pie, accuracy because of a no shoot with distance and close rapid fire.

With a failure or anything like this, stop shooting immediately and unload, disassemble and inspect your firearm for any obstructions or just anything that doesn’t look quite right before shooting again.

I wish I could have found the shell and I looked, but as you can imagine there are a couple of shells laying around and just couldn’t find the dam thing. Thank’s to Shannon Smith for his help in diagnosing, I had no idea at the time.

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